I am inventor on over 80 unique patents either pending or granted. You can find my recent US patents on google. Below are the public ones, as of February, 2014.

Graphical Menu And Interaction Therewith Through A Viewing Window   US8643951 (B1)   2014-02-04   Wheeler Aaron Joseph    Kauffmann Alejandro    Chi Liang-Yu Tom    Raffle Hayes Solos    Gomez Luis Ricardo Prada   
Wearable Device With Input And Output Structures   TW201346333 (A)   2013-11-16   Cazalet Peter Michael    Hebenstreit Joseph John    Martin Matthew Wyatt    Olsson Maj Isabelle   Heinrich Mitchell Joseph    Raffle Hayes    Kim Eliot   
Method And Apparatus For A Multi-Party Captcha   EP2670498 (A2)   2013-12-11   Raffle Hayes    Kuo Cynthia   
Unlocking A Screen Using Eye Tracking Information   US2013300652 (A1)   2013-11-14   Raffle Hayes Solos    Wong Adrian    Geiss Ryan   
Proximity Sensing For Wink Detection   WO2013151997 (A1)   2013-10-10   Raffle Hayes Solos    Johnson Michael Patrick    Sparks David    Wu Bo   
Image Capture Based On Gaze Detection   WO2013130273 (A1)   2013-09-06   Wheeler Aaron J    Raffle Hayes S   
Heads-Up Display Including Eye Tracking   WO2013122711 (A1)   2013-08-22   Raffle Hayes S    Wang Chia-Jean   
Structured Light For Eye-Tracking   US2013176533 (A1)   2013-07-11   Raffle Hayes Solos    Starner Thad Eugene    Weaver Josh    Keyes Edward Allen   
Graphical Interface Having Adjustable Borders   WO2013082034 (A1)   2013-06-06   Wheeler Aaron    Chi Liang-Yu    Thrun Sebastian    Raffle Hayes    Patel Nirmal   
Method Of Using Eye-Tracking To Center Image Content In A Display   WO2013077978 (A2); WO2013077978 (A3)   2013-05-30   Wheeler Aaron Joseph    Gomez Luis Ricardo Prada    Raffle Hayes Solos   
Eye Gaze Detection To Determine Speed Of Image Movement   WO2013066634 (A1)   2013-05-10   Wheeler Aaron Joseph    Raffle Hayes Solos   
Method To Autofocus On Near-Eye Display   US2013088413 (A1)   2013-04-11   Raffle Hayes Solos    Wong Adrian    Miao Xiaoyu   
Method, Apparatus, And Computer Program Product For Presenting Interactive Dynamic Content In Front Of Static Content   WO2013004891 (A1)   2013-01-10   Raffle Hayes    Mori Koichi    Ballagas Rafael    Horii Hiroshi    Spasojevic Mirjana    Revelle Glenda   
Method, Apparatus, And Computer Program Product For Shared Synchronous Viewing Of Content   WO2013004890 (A1)   2013-01-10   Raffle Hayes    Mori Koichi    Ballagas Rafael    Horii Hiroshi    Spasojevic Mirjana   
Methods, Apparatuses And Computer Program Products For Providing Active Echo-Cancellation For Systems Combining Voice Communication And Synchronous Audio Content   WO2013001145 (A1)   2013-01-03   Ballagas Rafael    Raffle Hayes    Mori Koichi   
Image-Based Addressing Of Physical Content For Electronic Communication   US2011223970 (A1)   2011-09-15   Mori Koichi    Raffle Hayes    Ballagas Rafael A    Horii Hiroshi   
An Apparatus For A Tangible Interface   EP2341697 (A3); EP2341697 (A2)   2011-07-06   Raffle Hayes    Mori Koichi    Ballagas Rafael    Spasojevic Mirjana   
Remote Communication System And Method   KR20120089676 (A)   2012-08-13   Raffle Hayes    Mori Koichi [Jp]   Spasojevic Mirjana    Ballagas Rafael    Horii Hiroshi [Jp]   Revelle Glenda   
Messaging Device   US8548434 (B2); US2010151830 (A1)   2010-06-17   Raffle Hayes S   
Messaging Device   US8442493 (B2); US2009298556 (A1)   2009-12-03   Raffle Hayes S   
Physical Modeling System For Constructing And Controlling Articulated Forms With Motorized Joints   US2006100739 (A1); US7747352 (B2)   2006-05-11   Raffle Hayes S    Parkes Amanda J    Ishii Hiroshi   
Methods And Apparatus For Detecting The Presence, Intensity, trajectory or location of a liquid stream   US7143654 (B2); US2005172728 (A1)   2005-08-11   Raffle Hayes S    Maynes-Aminzade Daniel