Invited Talks

Edmund Hillary Fellowship New Frontiers. Closing talk of EHF cohort 4. Wearable computing, augmented reality and the future of education technology.

MIT Media Lab: Advances in Imaging. Guest lecturer. Designing consumer AR and VR.
King’s Academy, Jordan. Guest lecturer. Learning, creative expression, and collaboration.

Weta Digital. Invited speaker, Technologies for Creative Expression.

Centro De Innovation, Universidad Catolica. Designing the next generation of wearable technology. Santiago de Chile.

Roadmap 2014. Behind the scenes of Google Glass and other wearables. (Video link.) San Francisco, CA.
Google I/O (live speaker): Designing for Wearables. San Francisco, CA.
Centro De Innovation and DoFuture, Universidad Catolica. Technologies for creative expression. Santiago de Chile.
World Summit on Arts and Culture (Keynote speaker). Technologies for Creative Expression. Santiago, Chile.

Sci Foo. Glass Class. Mountain View, CA.

SXSW Interactive. Social Media and Young Children (panelist). Austin, TX.

International Toy Design Conference (Keynote speaker). Sculpting Behavior. Tel Aviv, Israel.
International Conference on Interaction Design and Children. Pop Goes The Cell Phone: Asynchronous Messaging For Preschoolers. Ann Arbor, MI.
ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Hello, Is Grandma There? StoryVisit: Family Video Chat and Connected E-Books. Vancouver, BC.
ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Communiclay: A Modular System for Tangible Telekinetic Communication. Vancouver, BC.
ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. StoryFaces: Children Exploring Emotional Expressions in Storytelling. Vancouver, BC.
Stanford School of Education. Tangible Toolkits for Learning. Stanford, CA.

Google. Connected Reading for Family Communication. Mountain View, CA.
International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2010 A New Age in Tangible Computational Interfaces for Learning. Chicago, IL.
International Conference on Interaction Design and Children 2010 Video Play: Playful Interactions in Video Conferencing for Long-Distance Families with Young Children. Barcelona, Spain.
Stanford University School of Education. Family Communication. Stanford, CA.
CHI 2010 Papers program. Family Story Play Atlanta, GA.
CHI 2010 Posters program. Video Play Atlanta, GA.
CHI 2010 alt.CHI. Tangible Video Bubbles Atlanta, GA.

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society CMU West. Designing with Tangible Modular Robotics. Mountain View, CA.
Stanford University School of Education. Sculpting Behavior. Stanford, CA.
Makani Power Sculpting Behavior and Family Net. Alameda, CA.
Willow Garage Sculpting Behavior. Menlo Park, CA.
Stanford University Art Department. Sculpting Behavior. Stanford, CA.
Stanford University Seminar on People, Computers, and Design. Sculpting Behavior. Stanford, CA.

U.C. Berkeley School of Information. Foundations for BabyNet. Berkeley, CA.
ACM Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction (SIGCHI). Sound of Touch: Physical Manipulation of Digital Sound. Florence, Italy.
ACM Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction (SIGCHI). Topobo in the Wild. Florence, Italy.
Intel Research. Sculpting Behavior. Berkeley, CA.
Nokia Research. Sculpting Behavior. Palo Alto, CA.
Stanford HCI lunch. Sculpting Behavior. Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.

Boston Cyberarts 2007. Physical Intelligence: roundtable discussion on the body’s body of knowledge. Cambridge, MA.
UC Berkeley Institute of Design (BID). 2007. Sculpting Behavior. Berkeley, CA.

Hartford Atheneum Art & Science Podium. 2006. Social Imaging: Data Painting from Human Behavior. In Imaging Body and Mind. Hartford Atheneum, Hartford, CT.
SIGGRAPH educator’s forum. 2006. Toys as Trojan Horses for Learning. Boston, MA.
MIT Media Lab. 2006. Trojan Horses for Ideas. Ph. D. General Exams. Cambridge, MA.

Flandrau Science Center. 2005. Advisory board member, Stile II. Tangibles for Learning. Tucson, AZ.

MIT Graduate Arts Forum. 2004. Bio Art. 2004. Panel discussion of artwork and research.
Boston Museum of Science. 2004. Presentation of research (Topobo).
Cooper-Hewitt Summer Design Institute 2004. Workshop: Reinventing Froebel’s gifts. New York, NY.
CAMPUS-TI. 2004. Lecturer, workshops on design of tangible interfaces. Valencia, Spain.
MITRE. 2004. Presentation of art, design and research to internal R&D groups. Bedford, MA.
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. 2004. Presentation of research (Topobo). Ivrea, Italy.
International Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2004. Presentation of research. Vienna, Austria.

Tufts University. 2003. Center for Engineering Education Outreach. Presentation of research. Boston, MA.
LEGO Corporation. 2003. Presentation of research. Billund, Denmark.
Ars Electronica Futurelab. 2003. Presentation of research. Linz, Austria.

School of the Museum of Fine Arts. 2002. Visiting speaker in sculpture department. Boston, MA.