Consumer Electronics Show. Las Vegas, NV.

Maker Faire 2009. San Mateo, CA.

NEXT 2008: Mindblowers. 2008. Aarhus, Denmark.

Collision 12: Mini. 2007. MIT Stata Center Balcony Gallery. Cambridge, MA.
Robots at Play. 2007. Odense, Denmark.
SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies. 2007. San Diego, CA.
Play Innovation. 2007. Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery & Studio inaugural exhibition. Kitakyushu, Japan.
Future Film Festival. 2007. Bologna, Italy.

iCampus Exhibition. 2006. MIT Museum. Six month exhibition of Microsoft-MIT alliance (Topobo). Cambridge, MA.
Imaging Body and Mind. 2006. Hartford Atheneum, Hartford, CT.
Collision Ten. 2006. Art Interactive, Cambridge, MA.
SIGGRAPH Educational Robotics Demo. 2006.SIGGRAPH conference session on educational robotics (Topobo). Boston, MA.
SIGGRAPH Etech. 2006. SIGGRAPH conference session on emerging technologies (Topobo). Boston, MA.
Threads. 2006. Artspace Gallery, New Haven, CT.

Victoria & Albert Museum Touch Exhibition. 2005. Victoria and Albert Museum. London, England.
Boston Cyberarts Festival. 2005. Stata Center Balcony. Cambridge, MA.
Collision Seven: Chance. 2005. Art Interactive. Cambridge, MA.

Show Me Yours: a presentation of recent work in the School of Architecture and Planning (MIT). 2004. Cambridge, MA.
Collision Six: Senses. 2004. Group exhibition. Art Interactive. Cambridge, MA.
Artbots: The Robot Talent Show. 2004. Group exhibition. The Mink Building. New York, NY.
Cyberarts 2004. 2004 Ars Electronica interactive art awards exhibition. OK Centrum, Linz, Austria.
ARS Electronica Center. 2004.One year installation, Topobo. Linz, Austria.
Wired NextFest. 2004. Wired Magazine international technology exhibition. Fort Mason Center. San Francisco, CA.

Collision 5. 2003. Boston Cyberarts Festival at the MIT Compton Gallery, Cambridge, MA. Group show.

NewFangle 2002. Herbst International Exhibition Hall, San Francisco, CA. Group show.
Hypercollision 2002. MIT Museum. Cambridge, MA. Group show.

Exploratorium “Prepared Exploratorium.” 2001. San Francisco, CA. Group show about perception and sound.
Exploratorium “Chain Reaction.” 2001. San Francisco, CA. Group show curated by Arthur Ganson.
Yale University. 2001. New Haven, CT. Alumni exhibition.

University of California at Santa Barbara. 1992. Temporary outdoor installation.