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Jiggi is a 3D modeling and visualization interface.

Jiggi extrudes the Sensetable graspable interface into a 3d projection plane system. A Jiggi device, is a system which tracks the positions of intelligent objects on to multiple tabletop surfaces, and projects information onto these objects. This allows the combination and the advantages of physical interaction with the dynamic qualities of graphical displays in 3d. The use of a small electronically tagged magnetic Quill serves as a physical icon for the containment, transport, and manipulation of
the 3d modeling data. In this case the data is Landscape Ecology information.

The Jiggi unit is used to alter anything from spheres of watershed engagement to plotting wind course corrections. An ecological model is projected in multiple views at once thus providing sectional layouts and vector based information. Here the projections can be manipulated to alter the object or reveal hidden relationships.