Pop Goes The Cell Phone: Asynchronous Messaging for Preschoolers

Hayes Raffle, Rafael "Tico" Ballagas, Glenda Revelle, Koichi Mori, Chris Paretti, Mirjana Spasojevic
Nokia Research Center I.D.E.A. Team, in Collaboration with Sesame Workshop


Pop Goes The Cell Phone confronts the challenge that very young children experience the world largely in the “here and now,” and asynchronous messaging is, by definition, neither here nor now.

A jack-in-the box toy, Toaster, uses a mobile phone for children to playfully take and share electronic media. Orange Toaster allows children to create and share self-portraits; Family Toast allows children to browse family photos with physical tokens, and shares their self-portrait reactions with remote family members; Play with Elmo allows children and distant adults to asynchronously share playful video messages. Download the research paper.