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While at the MIT Media Lab Hayes invented Topobo, a construction toy with kinetic memory, the ability to record and playback physical motion. Since 2008 he has managed Topobo Co. as founder and principal.

With Topobo, you can snap together Passive (static) and Active (motorized) components to invent your own Topobo creature and animate it by pushing, pulling, and twisting its body. For example, you can make a dog and then teach it to dance and walk by twisting its body and legs. With the push of a button, the dog will dance and walk by itself. The same way children learn how buildings stand by stacking blocks, they can learn how animals walk by playing with Topobo.

Watch the Topobo video.

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Artworks 1992-2001

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The Rafelandia website is an archive of my work from 1992-2002, presented as a full flash website. My sculpture, titled “love” is buried there among associations and metaphors, and some of my older professional work – “money” – is presented with detailed attention to aesthetics.

The site design is intended to reveal related work to web surfers who dive deeper into content that interests them, but it is a bit cumbersome for my speedier approach to viewing most websites today. Check it out in the frame above, or in a separate window.

This site was designed and built in collaboration with mogeworks design.

Tanya Starnes

Tanya Starnes Corporate IDTanya Starnes Corporate ID

Corporate ID

Redeveloped the corporate ID for the law offices of Tanya Starnes. Ms. Starnes was looking for a bright, fresh and professional look.


Print Production


Technical expertise has attracted projects from Clients including Quicken/Quickbooks, Covad DSL, and Sony.


supracor-cover.jpg supracor.jpg

Graphic Design, Supracor Medical Products 2001 Catalog.





ZOOB® is the first construction toy based on things that grow, from DNA to dinosaurs. Hayes worked with inventor Michael Grey to conceive and design the initial system. As employee #6 at Primordial, LLC, Hayes helped oversee all aspects of production design, including helping build and manage a design team to create product designs, packaging designs, and videos. The team won an ID Magazine award in the 45th Annual Design Review in Consumer Products and the toy has been popular for over twenty years.

R.F. Thompson

Illustration, RF ThompsonIllustration, RF Thompson


Created numerous illustrations to support writings by R.F. Thompson, a notable cultural historian of the African Diaspora in the Americas. Illustration and photography appeared in publications including African Arts Magazine and Res 32, the Harvard Anthropological Journal.