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ZOOB 1999


ZOOB® is the first construction toy based on things that grow, from DNA to dinosaurs.

zoob-logo.jpg zoob-lineup.jpg zoob-packaging.jpg
Primordial, LLC.
Helped start things up in San Francisco, CA.

Co-developed ZOOB concept
Co-designed ZOOB system
through production manufacturing.

Award, I.D. Magazine 45th Annual
Design Review

Design Distinction – Consumer Products.
Department Head,
Graphic Design

Managed production of all graphic design,
including packaging, sales and
marketing collateral and corporate ID.
zoob-guide.jpg zoob-wheels.jpg zoob-gap.jpg zoob-toons.jpg
Art Direction
Developed methodologies to teach and communicate the Zoob system with printed instructions. Art directed and produced over a dozen unique instruction books.
Product Design
Designed and developed Zoob Wheels
and related products.
Packaging Design
& Production
Designed and produced promotional items with partners such as GAP Kids and Disney Corporation.
Video Production & Direction
Produced “ZOOB TOONS” stop-motion animated video. Directed and produced “How To Zoob” instructional video.

Watch a video excerpt.