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Hayes Raffle is an award-winning product and interaction designer working to combine the simplicity of traditional object-design with the flexibility of digital systems. He is currently Sr. Staff Interaction Designer at Google working on Cardboard.

Hayes' expertise includes user experience, industrial design, human-computer interaction, fine art, and cognitive science. He completed his B.A. cum laude in fine art at Yale, and his Ph.D. and M.S. at the MIT Media Lab where he invented new technologies for artistic and musical composition, materials for tangible interpersonal communication and toys for children to learn complex ideas through play. Placing high value on both functionality and aesthetics, he specializes in approaching problems with refreshing solutions. Full bio.


Project Highlights


Google Glass

UX team, Interaction Research lead

Story Time for the 21st Century

Families read story books over videochat with Elmo.


A construction toy that can record and playback physical motion.

Youre In Control (Urine Control) Interactive Gaming System

Play while you wee! You're In Control detects the position ...

Super Cilia Skin

Super Cilia Skin is a literal membrane separating a computer ...


The moving, morphing, modeling system, based on DNA and dinosaurs


more projects...        




We have finally announced Project Glass. Check it out!

Topobo is for sale! Check it out at the website or the facebook group.

Topobo will be at the Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Expo Center on May 30-31. Come visit us!

I'm giving a talk about modular robotics technologies for learning at CMU West, hosted by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. This talk is open to the public, so please join us on June 11 at 7 pm.

I spoke about my work at the Stanford School of Education on May 15, 2009.

I reviewed my work in (1) hands-on approaches to designing for programmable matter and (2) technologies for family communications at Makani Power on March 13, 2009.

I spoke about my work at the Stanford Art Department on February 23, 2009.

I recently presented my research at the Seminar on People, Computers, and Design at Stanford University on January 16, 2009. A video archive of the event is online here.

I am excited to be co-teaching the cs.247 Interaction Design Studio at Stanford University this winter,
with professors Terry Winograd and Bill Verplank.

Super Cilia Skin Included in Inform Material, Thema. 2008.

I have joined the IDEA Team at Nokia Research Center Palo Alto to develop new devices for young children
to connect with long-distance family and friends.

Jabberstamp wins an Honorable Mention from I.D. Magazine Student Design Review.

Jabberstamp is featured in the July, 2008 issue of Land Rover Lifestyle Magazine.

I completed my PhD at MIT Media Laboratory this past June. My thesis Sculpting Behavior presents new tangible approaches for children to learn new ideas - and progress from simple ideas and models to complex ones - through play with tangible technologies.